Who are we?

FNDTV is an IPTV platform accessible from anywhere in the world, for the family, the maintaining of Catholic Tradition, Christian Unity, religious freedom and human rights.
FNDTV is also made of religious people filled with energy and determination, towards God's glory and Evangelization, offering their lives for the Salvation of souls and the service of the poorest of the poor and all those who suffer in their heart or in their body, with no distinction of social status, race, gender or creed. Learn how to know them, through their TV programs.

They dedicate themselves unreservedly towards offering this valuable content to you, day and night.
Share in their joy and peace, their love of God which prompted them to create this TV for you, your family, and in order to help you keep the Faith and uphold Christian Values, despite everything and everyone!


FNDTV: being wholly to all, here and there, throughout the world! Every Saturday night, FNDTV presents its own news and shares with you its viewpoints on Religious Freedom, Human Rights and various issues, through our experience in the field with our various missions.
Don't miss our Special FNDTV Reportages: in balance and variety, presenting simple and accessible spiritual themes.

FNDTV : serving others; delivering information without boundaries; listening to others and conveying their message!
You may support FNDTV by helping us in our efforts, to make of the platform your gateway to good programming. You like our content? Help us! Our content is a must have in your Christian life. Our programming helped you in difficult times in your life?

Meet with Bishop Jean Marie, Fraternite Notre Dame's Founder, who received this divine inspiration, to help you in your daily lives.

If you wish this programming can continue over time, then help us with your generosity! Thanks in advance to the lavish hearts that will make a donation, and may God reward you a hundredfold, the way He alone knows to!


Our Channels

What you will see on our channels. Our religious services: Mass, the Rosary, Liturgical feasts, but also films, cartoons, nature, music, reportages, testimonies, international programming, news, weather updates, health issues, documentaries and much more. You will also find there some news proper to Fraternite Notre Dame, and various reports dealing with our missions.


Different languages FNDTV Channels are available to you in English and French, with some programs in other languages even! On Sunday morning, there is a Mass in Latin-Spanish on the English Channel. The platform provides an opportunity to familiarize your self with different cultures, and push further the borders of your knowledge!


With the IPTV technology, without installing any cable service or satellite antenna, you can receive your content directly on your TV set, through a set-top-box connected to a broadband Internet connection, whenever you please, and wherever you may happen to be, even traveling around the world, as long as a constant broadband connection of at least 0.8 Megs per sec. is available. The IPTV technology has now made such a convenient TV content distribution possible. Internet TV, or IPTV, allows people to receive their programming at anytime and anywhere.


No need for a computer! No more outdoor antenna! No satellite service needed! No more cable connection! Just broadband Internet and your standard TV set.
FNDTV set top box: quite easy to install! Watch this clip to know how you need to connect your new Set-Top-Box
Decent prices.